Taking Action

After reading, sharing and discussing stories about meaningful moments and turning points in people’s lives on the COIN website, you might be wondering what to do next. On this page you will find some ideas about different ways to raise awareness and take action in your local setting, which includes Coffeehouse Conversations and Public Assemblies. These types of events can help publicize how issues related to life altering experiences impact lives and society. You will also find advice here on different approaches from a range of organizations and institutions.



  • Check to see what existing organisations in your local area are working on issues related to life changing events of interest to you. This can be done by searching online (TIP: in a search engine, type the name of your area and the issue you are interested in). Local and regional government websites are also good places to look for information on local organisations.

Local Groups


Vienna Coffeehouse Conversations

Long table discussions

Popular Assembly/ People’s Assemblies