Childhood & Family
Stories that relate to the earlier, formative years of our lives and/or the people who we call family

Civil Liberties
Situations where personal freedoms have been restricted

Culture, Community & Lifestyle
Stories that relate to people who live in the same location or share ideas, customs, and social behaviour with each other and the impact that this has

Stories where disability has been the catalyst for a life changing event

Stories that relates to the impact that the economy and economic decisions has on people

Education & Training
Stories that relate to education and training in their broadest sense. Everything from teaching, studying, and learning to systems of education, education policy and access to education or training

Stories that relate to jobs and employment. Everything from a specific employment experience to a lack of job opportunities and the impact this has

Experiences that are shaped by a circumstance where the treatment of different people in the same situation has not been equal

When money or personal financial circumstance has been the driving force behind a life changing experience

Stories where gender has had a significant impact

Stories in which health and wellbeing have played the most significant role

Experiences where housing has played a significant role in a life changing event

Life changing experiences that have been shaped by immigration

Nature & Environment
Stories where the natural environment and the creatures that inhabit it have been the catalyst for change

Politics & Government
Anything to do with politics and government

Race & Ethnicity
Stories where physical traits, spoken language, nationality, culture or religion has been the basis of a life changing event

Stories that relate to the people that we are most closely connected to, these could be friends, partners, family or anyone else who plays a significant role in our lives

When none of the categories seem to fit

Violence & Safety
Stories where personal safety has been impacted