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How can we shape the world we live in to make it a place where people thrive?

We all have stories to tell about moments or periods of time in our lives that had an impact on who we are today, something that changed the way we think about an issue or gave us a new perspective on how we see ourselves*. Rather than each person figuring out for themselves how best to deal with or tackle whatever significant event they’re going through, imagine if we could benefit directly from the experiences of others. Instead of muddling through by trial and error to discover solutions, why not lean on the shoulders of others? COIN is here to help us all do that.

To help you shape your story, we would be grateful if you shared your story through engaging with the prompts** below (in the order they appear);

    • Think of an issue or cause you’re passionate about
    • Try to pinpoint a moment when your understanding or experience of it changed
    • What happened?
    • Consider what you learnt and how it changed your perspective 
    • What would you like to see happen that would positively impact this issue?
    • Come up with one practical change or action that could positively impact people’s understanding of the issue

To help you feel safe in sharing your story here are some COIN guidelines.

Share Stories

Create a rich vibrant account of your story by responding to the guide questions
An image that complements your story, either one you own or available through Creative Commons
Useful to pick a title that conveys a sense of your story
Select the category your story best fits, using tags to highlight the key ideas
All the key details and ideas of your story including your country and city/town/village. Look at the existing tags below for inspiration
Your name
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Add your city/ town/ village and country (e.g. Paris, France)
I hereby consent to displaying my story on the COIN website.

* “…significant turning-points in a person’s life, in the roles and activities they are encouraged to adopt, and the groups they interact with, and may be associated with changes in attitudes and values.” – Life Event in A Dictionary of Sociology (

** Based on Bernadette Jiwa’s ‘The 5C’s of The Story Scaffold’ (

*** A WordPress account is not required however if you have one, logging in before sharing a story will link the story to your account.