Reading Time: 4 minutes One of the characteristics of meaningful relationships, be they romantic or platonic, is that you put a lot of yourself into them as well as energy and time. All of that combines to potentially leaving you heartbroken when that person through their actions gives the impression you no longer matter

Reading Time: < 1 minute Africans are overexposed to second hand clothing, we are submerged in it. The Slum Studio documents the many ways through which second hand clothing passes before it reaches the Ghanaian consumer. The business which employs thousands of people into the local economy is made up traders, thrifters and tailors who

Reading Time: 6 minutes Something live-changing happened to me a few years ago. Life changing in very small and delightful way. A friend was moving and looking to re-home her four hens. I had no interest in hens at the time but a colleague of mine thought it would be perfect for me and