Reading Time: 3 minutes In 2013 my father was diagnosed with advanced oesophageal cancer. His tumour was inoperable and his decline was rapid. At the time I was living overseas, studying at graduate school, and for a short while I came home to be with him in the last weeks of his life. When

Reading Time: 3 minutes In January 2020 when news of some unknown virus first started to surface I was blissfully unaware of the enormous impact that a pandemic can have on Civil Liberties. As a resident of Melbourne, the majority of my 2020 has been spent in some form of lockdown. My city is

Reading Time: 3 minutes My world turned upside down when my superhero dad fell ill on mild stroke not once but twice and sadly the last attack had him on his brain which led him to forgetfulness. This was a Superman and a super bread winner for two families he made from two women

Reading Time: 3 minutes โ€œI love a sunburnt country,A land of sweeping plains,Of ragged mountain ranges,Of drought and flooding rains.I love her far horizons,I love her jewel-sea,Her beauty and her terror –The wide brown land for me!” – Dorothea Mackellar These words that Dorothea Mackellar wrote about Australia more than a century ago still

Reading Time: 2 minutes In my mid twenties, my first year of working as a qualified class teacher in an inner city school challenged my beliefs about education. I found myself teaching a class of nine year olds with radically different abilities. For example I had a pupil reading Lord of the Rings whilst