COIN (Collective Insights) is a web platform that unites us to tell meaningful stories, take action to inspire societal change and shape the future we need.

Healing and Remembrance

Presented together, these stories meaningful events offer visitors a place to find common ground, make sense, learn and move on.

Strengthening the Resolve for Change

By helping people to share their stories and resolutions, we offer a tool to register the collective desire for change.

Influencing Policy Makers

Through parsing of this information, COIN will help policy makers and social entities identify the changes people are hoping for. 

A Lasting Experience

Over time this platform will change and evolve. Going from an alive, growing ‘movement’ to a time-capsule. A resource for studies and the ever remembrance. 

COIN was created by Jude Walta (a human centered designer) and Will Essilfie (an educator & researcher) who met through a weekend-long hackathon in April 2020 and subsequent discussions that occurred in its wake. As two individuals not affiliated with any organizations or institutions, we have created this project in our spare time. We are grateful to all the people who have contributed to the development of COIN at different stages, including our mentor whose advice has been invaluable.