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Context: I normally get to visit people in their homes as part of my job, so when we locked down during the pandemic I felt lonesome. Got lucky and started doing deliveries for my neighbourhood food bank. It got me out of the house, doing something I feel good about, and was a safe way to be involved. I live in a rich city, but of course not everyone is doing great so I want to help.

Catalyst: One of the buildings I visit has many families who count on the food bank every week. By my count, about 5% of the residents get delivery, and I don’t know how many more are able to pick up in person. The owners of this building, a private company with revenue of $28.48 million US each year, might actually be taking us generous neighbours for a ride when they gouge their tenants beyond their ability to pay.

Change: A system that leaves people hungry, to make millions for rich landlords, has to go.

Jody S

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