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Africans are overexposed to second hand clothing, we are submerged in it. The Slum Studio documents the many ways through which second hand clothing passes before it reaches the Ghanaian consumer. The business which employs thousands of people into the local economy is made up traders, thrifters and tailors who use conceptual and imaginative art to reuse, repair and recreate new garments from the used and imported garments which are imported from the global north. Through this process we hope to tell the stories of how people are sustainably and ethically creating and making a life for themselves out of nothing.

The Slum Studio is a multi dimensional regenerative fashion brand which uses research and documentation in second hand clothing business to create wearable art. In my process I attempt to reduce fabric waste buy sourcing and converting used and discarded textile offcuts into newly hand painted and custom engineered pieces. It is/was inspired by personal/national history and the cross cultural dialogue within second hand clothing and our dressmaking practices

The Slum Studio

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