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My world turned upside down when my superhero dad fell ill on mild stroke not once but twice and sadly the last attack had him on his brain which led him to forgetfulness.
This was a Superman and a super bread winner for two families he made from two women with 14 children .
My step mum has been bitter due to her unwomanly behavior towards my dad which led my dad associate himself to my mum which led six children that sums up to 6 kids from my mum and four from hers and two other children from previous relationships.
Hell came loose when my dad led to his I’ll bed for the past 15 years . These women have been literally petty over my dads choices and decisions over these years which have affected the bond my dad created for and between all his children.
Me been the lucky child and been a sweetheart to my father I melted my dads heart every time I saw him come from work ,jumping to see him ,claiming his bag after a hard days work ,taking off his socks and taking of his shoes making sure he was always comfortable after he arrived from work and always gave him a foot rub .I literally won his heart by all these kind gestures at my tender age . I was showered with possibly anything I had asked for and not asked for from my wealthy dad . Not having a clueless idea I didn’t know my siblings had developed bitterness and envyness towards me at that tender age . So till the very day my dad broke down to his ill bed that was the end of my fairy tale . My mum over looked my care and pushed me to work at an early age ,
I had my sisters been petty and envious towards me ,I had my own mother treating me a slave in my own fathers house and I had my step brothers physically abusing me by hitting me at all times when an argument arose . I’ve had my own brothers from my mothers side beat me till I run to the police .
My physical abuse continued until my own male cousin beat me horribly till my face got swollen with blood ,dizziness and huge swells .one midnight I was stuck in bed and couldn’t move my head after the assault.
I screamed for help as my aunty and her kids came to my help and rushed me to the hospital one dawn . I thought that was the end of life . I prayed to God ,I cried on my sick bed till I was put up on four drips . I almost left this world .

As my dad hadn’t been strong his financials from the bank was seized by my step mother and her children who weren’t working were feeding from it ,this made life terrible for my dad’s younger kids out of 14 children .
I’ve strived to survive,I’ve arrived to fend for my self ,I’ve strived to had pushed my self to gain further education for my self in my own country Ghana 🇬🇭 .
Now I’m proud of my self for not giving up but pushed for my self to become the woman I am today . A very eloquent polished woman and highly educated,still trying to seek more education and opportunities for my self to give credit to my father one day .
I’m a black star and I shine forth in my national flag as a proud young WOMAN .


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