Mobile phone magic!

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Getting a smart phone for the first time ever was like discovering a whole new universe I had been hearing about but had never visited! I think my life before then is like what black & white TV is to colour, a reality you don’t want to ever return to. I had a Sony Ericson phone that I had used for a couple of years and loved. However it was stolen when being the forgetful person I am, I left it on the window sill at college; I was beyond gutted! My parents, ever the thoughtful people they are, bought me a Samsung smart phone as a replacement. There is no way I could have afforded it back then myself.

It blows my mind realizing how powerful smart phones are and how much my life has been impacted by them. Overnight my life changed, literally. With that phone, suddenly I could access apps like WhatsApp and instantly communicate with friends in other countries. In my palm I could engage with a world of apps without relying on going to the library or an internet café to use a computer. I gained a kind of freedom I hadn’t fully appreciated my life was missing. Take a minute to ask yourself, what would your life be like now if you no longer had access to a smart phone anymore? What apps do you rely on? What functions on your phone do you use on a daily basis? Just think about that.

Technology and in particular the internet, changes lives. People who have easy access to it often take it for granted. In many places people don’t have affordable broadband or wifi, which severely limits their ability to utilize many tools that the modern has to offer. Cheap internet access and computers, be that mobile phones or normal computers, should be something that everyone should be able to have. Every day new apps are created that revolutionize people’s lives.

From making it easy to do assignments, to finding useful medical info to connecting with friends in distant places, I can’t even begin to count the ways in which having a smart phone has been a great asset to my life. Smart phones are amazing! 🙂

Sam C.

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