Turn life altering events into positive change.

Societies are built through stories, they help us learn from the past and imagine the future.

Here at COIN we harness the power of stories. This platform unites us to tell the stories that matter to each of us (e.g. owning a smartphone or living through bushfires), take action to inspire societal change, and shape the future we need.

It starts with sharing stories.
They help find common ground, make sense and learn.

Through discussion explore the context and systems that impact life changing events.

Take action by exploring ideas about different ways to raise awareness and tools to encourage action.

The COIN team uncover insights and share these with the community, organisations and policy makers.

Life Altering Events – “…significant turning-points in a person’s life, in the roles and activities they are encouraged to adopt, and the groups they interact with, and may be associated with changes in attitudes and values.” – Life Event in A Dictionary of Sociology

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